TelemetryJet is a WIP tool for organizing, analyzing, and sharing telemetry data from hardware systems. The browser-based tool makes it easy to load data or stream live, build charts and visualizations, and share datasets and dashboards with others.

I’ve been working on TelemetryJet on and off since graduating from UR. While working on the Rochester Solar Boat, I noticed a common frustration among student engineering teams: working with telemetry data involves a large amount of manual work that distracted from a team’s goals.

TelemetryJet automates much of that work! It can ingest CSVs, SQLite databases, or any number of data formats, and can also stream data live from a hardware system.

The data is organized in a cloud drive, and can be quickly pulled into visualizations and dashboards. Since the entire system is web-based, data can easily be shared with anyone without manually copying files and spreadsheets.

Along the way, the project has been a great outlet to learn web-based frontend technologies, data streaming architecture, backend infrastructure & deployment, and time-series databases.

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