Stamp Design


For the Vector Graphic project, the prompt was to create a stamp design based on flora or fauna native to the United States. I chose the deer. While deer are found all over the world, because of the temperate climate and large amount of forest in the United States, they are very commonly seen throughout the country.

The first step was to build a collection of reference photos. I searched Google for photos of deer in as high resolution as possible. The following four stood out to me because of their strong silhouettes against the background.

Beautiful-Deer-Antlers-1024x640 buck-portrait deer-antlers-grass-walk-blurring-3840x2400 deer-antlers

I decided that the first image was my favorite since it has a distinctive shape that would easily be recognizable as a piece of vector art. I then made some digital sketches of what the art style for the work could potentially be.


I decided on the style in the upper right corner, which uses straight lines and no curves. In order to create this style I vectored the deer image as normally, but I did not use any curves, instead only using straight lines.

With the center piece of the stamp completed, I turned to working on the background. At first I thought I would trace some pictures of mountains, but the result of that wasn’t to my satisfaction so I just made my own mountains by creating random jagged lines, again, without any curves. The result of the background process appears to the right. I also included black borders on the sides of the stamp.


I then inserted the deer into the foreground, in front of my mountains. I positioned the deer a little to the left of the scene for multiple reasons: I hadn’t vectored the rest of the deer’s body, and leaving space on the right would allow me to put text there.

Finally, I added the ‘USA forever’ and ‘Deer’ text to the image. I chose a blocky font with straight lines to match the art style with the rest of the work, and I positioned the text above and to the right of the deer to fill some of the whitespace.

With that, the stamp project was complete! The finished image appears at the beginning of this article.