OpenFPS was an open-source project I started in 2009. The goal of the project was to develop a game engine in the programming language DBPro and develop a campaign FPS along with it. At one point the project gained approximately 40 contributing members, all of which had different roles: Some developed models for the game, others created concept art, others coded. It was a great team effort that went on for years.

The main reason that the project was never finished was likely the decline in activity and use of DBPro, a language that would become extremely outdated and inefficient as new graphics technologies emerged. The project was never completely finished, but it had many features that could compare to modern game engines: A level editor, basic multiplayer, physics, scripting… All of this was an achievement for the time.

The other side of the project was Biostorm. Biostorm was designed alongside OpenFPS and was intended to be the actual game that was released and created using the OpenFPS engine. The gameplay would be a class-based system where each class had unique abilities and genetic modifications that they could take advantage of. The gameplay was going to heavily utilize combos between the types of abilities.

This project was also one of my first experiences seriously using source control. We used Subversion on this project.

I’ll have to dig up some screenshots from this project.

The project was originally hosted on Google Code, now archived at: