Disconnected: A Short Film

Disconnected was created by Miranda Lakis and I for a class in the Digital Media Studies program at the University of Rochester. The short movie comments on our reliance of technology and what that meant to our connections with other people.

Behind the Scenes

The video takes the form of five short scenes, each showing social situations at the university. However, the twist is that in each scene, no one is talking. Instead, we show shots of how many people are using their cell phones. Although some of the shots were staged, this is is a very common sight in our lives. It’s happened all too often that we are together as friends and all take out our phones.

We only used ambient sounds and no music or dialog in our movie, because we wanted to portray the question without having to actually ask it verbally. The ambient noise but lack of dialog also contributes towards our point.

At the end of the movie, we pose the question again: Are we too connected? But as the movie has shown, the irony is that the opposite is true.

The film was put together using a Canon DSLR, because this gave us the best video recording quality. We used Final Cut Pro to arrange the clips. The images for the iMessage-like text bubbles were created in Photoshop.